It’s been a little while

It’s been a little while since I’ve added anything to my website, the truth is I’ve been in the workshop working on technical problems with firing enamels, these times of exploration and learning can feel like little progress has been made, but looking back, it’s just the pain staking reality of the learning process, try and try again! Learning resilience when things aren’t going how you want can certainly be tricky!


I’m been experimenting with creating different textures today, using my favourite planishing hammer and a steel ball- these will eventually be candlesticks, with either a bronze patina with 24c gold rims or with a shimmery silver wash with warm copper.


Well I’ve finally got my online shop up and running, I’ve managed to upload a few pieces, and will add more very soon! Watch this space-

Waves or swallows?

There is something exciting about a form that has a sense of movement , it challenges our mind to consider what it is and what’s happening, the natural flowing a wave or a birds wing in flight, neither can we own or capture, only watch as it changes.