Hopes and dreams.

Birds in flight and Hopes and dreams.

These two sculptures came out of a vivid image I had whilst making the three peices shown below. It was an image of all my hopes and dreams being sent out like arrows or paper aeroplanes into the air, like little prayers we say that we hope will be heard by God. The internal narrative we have that we very rarely share.

Relationship. Three individual small scale sculptures.


Starting with paper templates ,I’m developing new designs, inspired by artist Rachel Reckitt whom I knew as a child, she captured form so very well. My particular interest is in her use of angles and her honest application. Also the poised Heron, inspired by my autistic son who loves bird watching. Next stage will be annealing and forming…. more to follow.

New for 2022

Copper With punch detail. Vitreous enamel textural design.

The new year gives chance for new beginnings, but the first task of the year is to clean things away,sweep the floors and re arrange, all these things give my mind time to organise and think, to consider… whats next?

I have lots of ideas, some of which I will follow up, experiment with, with varied success, but all with gained understanding. Forming a direction is about so many things, its about learning new techniques, exploring form and colour, but its also, and maybe most importantly for me, about trying to understand and see the world around me with alittle more clarity, to go back in time to being a child who sees a flower for the first time, in wonder and curiosity.