Exhibition 16-17th Sept

It’s quite an exiting time!

The body of work that’s been growing for three months is now finished and as I look over it I see growth and a determination.

Having the goal of an exhibition to work towards motivates and challenges.

It brings me out of the workshop, to celebrate and then just like the seasons, our summer turning to autumns cool mornings, my mind will re-adjust and settle again.

The exhibition is a fantastic joint venture of 14 artists, please come and share what will be a great weekend.

Wootton Courterney Village Hall

16th Sept – 10-5pm

17th Sept – 10-4pm

Voluntary entrance donation of £2 to the air ambulance.

Tea, coffee and cake!

Take a look at the gallery!

Well lots has happened since last year, I have moved house and now have a fabulous workshop on site. I've spent the last year learning growing in experience. My work reflects my ability and natural flair, I form all my work by hand and create designs organically. I think about my surrounds, the hills and the seascapes. This inspires my designs which are pivotal in their individuality.