Wood bases

I’m using walnut and mahogany wood for the bases of my work, made by Martyn Lintern( chapel wood studios) I especially like walnut wood as it has a tight grain.

I use a ebony wood dye on most of them to blacken the wood and then polish and wax each one to give a lovely lustre.

Stages of design and firing.

Using the sgraffito technique of scratching back a design. Each piece of work is individually created.

Then fired in my kiln at 800 degrees. This shows the piece before firing, firing, just out of the kiln and the final colour.

It’s been a hot weekend!

Firing at 800 degrees can only be done early in the morning in this hot weather. Interestingly the shell shaped bowls seem to look a bit like the sea, seaweed and shells.

These shell shape set of three small bowls are enamelled in yellow and initially blue, that turned green on firing and silver foil.

They remind me of being on Doniford beach, rock pooling. The shimmer of the water with the jewels that lay beneath.