In memory


My Grandparents Betty and Harry Horrobin were extraordinary people, they had a zest for life and as grandparents they gave me in equal measure a foundation to springboard from, Betty being the home maker, always having homemade soup on the go and spiced fairy cakes at hand with a cup of tea or home made wine, if it was that time in the afternoon! We would listen from the sitting room, open fire blaring, to Harry with his Wednesday music group, violins and a piano going, laughing and enjoying each other’s company while Betty told stories of fairies and goblins which were, as a child always engaging and exciting, And Harry, prolific in his creativity, moving from being a blacksmith to woodwork, violin maker and potter, and seamstress at times- I have the dress to prove it! As well as this they were heavily involved in the CND movement, my grandmother providing the flasks of tea and sandwiches at the CND peace protests and my grandfather with musical instruments and handmade cards and badges to sell, as well as bolt croppers!!!😬 There are lots of stories I could tell of their antics and my experience of journeying with them to Greenham Common, but as I find myself ,years later reflecting on their legacy to me, One small little ceramic badge looks at me from my workshop, a dove, the dove of peace. So these ARTcards are in memory of them and times gone by, of a bank full of love that will last me a life time and a inheritance to continue to develop.

Ceramic CND badge made by Harry Horrobin.1970s/1980s

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