Next stage- Enamelling

When I woke up this morning, I knew I would get up early and turn the kiln on, excited for the morning ahead, I had a quick breakfast and thought about what colours I wanted to use and a loose idea of design. The figures, lay in the hot pickle, cleaning off any grease and dirt ready for the application of enamel. I mainly use wet process vitreous enamel as it really lends its to the sgraffito technique, which is scratching back layers of enamel before firing. I’m really happy with the results today, including the application of enamel onto copper mesh, which will be for the skirts. Next stage tomorrow will be applying a bronze patina to the bare copper… more images to follow at the next stage

January motivation

So, I’m making a pair of figures, riveted at the arms and waist. These will be more 3d in style, hence the clips to try and gauge how they will look. I’m aware I’m only showing one figure, but I will post more images later as I progress more. The next stage is to experiment with copper mesh…