Space and connections

I have long posed this question to myself. What is that infinite space between two objects, the space which defines form of another. The gap/space is tangible and yet we do not really notice it.

I recently went to a open garden and whilst there came across a wood carving of a mother and child. Their gaze was fixed on each others. The intensity of that gaze was palpable. The 10cm gap between their eyes was so powerful it took my breath away. It was the gaze of love between a mother and her trusting child.

Having lost my beautiful Mum nearly 17 years ago, coupled with my autistic son not able to receive that gaze from me easily, I can see that my work is an exploration of these very real experiences. A pursuit to understand, more deeply, from new perspectives. To make connections again.

My newest work has come about through exploring that tension of space but with the connections that tie us together. A combination of space and connection. Using silver solder and copper rivets, my work sits in harmony, together yet apart.