James Horrobin Gallery

James Horrobin has been working with metal since 1961, having been an apprentice to his father Harry Horrobin.

His professional life developed from agricultural blacksmithing to both small and large scale commissions, a few of which are illustrated below.

You can also contact Joanne Horrobin via the contact form, or contact James though his website.

Mild steel stitch plate. Decorative and finished with wax to enhance its natural patina.

Size H 165mm x W160mm x D 50mm Cost £120.00. Purchase though etsy or enquire through my contact form.

Exquisite planished copper bowl with silver flash, finished with a bronze patina and wax.

Size W155mm x H50mm Cost £265.00

Mild steel figurative bird on charred wood base. Wax finish.

Size L 450mm x H200mm x D80mm Cost £375.00

Mild steel forged bowl with copper flash.

Size: W 200mm x H60mm Cost £225.00

Silicone bronze 2 part casting. Seashell from local beaches

Size : 70mm x 70mm Cost £42.00

Three silicone bronze castings of shells from local beaches Cost £42.00

Silicone bronze shell castings, Set of 3. Cost 42.00

Individual silicone bronze shell castings. Cost £35.00 each

Approx size 50mm x 20mm

Stamped copper ammonite. £15.00 each

Size appox 40mm x 15mm