In preparation for Somerset Arts weeks that begin on Sat 19th Sept, I’ve spent the day in the workshop forming some organic sea forms, their not finished yet, The next stage is to consider whether to enamel parts of them and or use a patina. Hopefully they will be on display for the arts weeks, Fully finished!!!!

Opposite sides of the same sculpture
Figures with wind blowing through hair
Abstract figures
Different angles

Collaboration work- balustrade

Photo of a part made balustrade for @fosterlomas project. Design and bronze petals by James Horrobin. Design and CAD drawings by John Hesp. Enamelled copper detailing by Joanne Horrobin. Steel fabrication by Dom Hesp, water jet cut steel by precision water jet.


Today’s a sunny day, and seeing the spring flowers peeping through encourages me to also think about growing and expansion. After the last few months of rain, I find myself searching for a sense of freedom, like the flowers I also feel like I’ve had to push my way through the earth after months of hidden, inward growth,- or hibernation! So today’s work reflects a desire to reach up and out, to challenge myself to create and keep going!


2 of 4 firings

My Father James Horrobin has designed a balustrade for a residence in London of which will include 58 vitreous enamel and 24ct gold leaf disc’s discs .So today I’ve made a good start, the first firing was a clear flux, followed by Madonna blue, it’s going to be exciting to see the next two coats, Navy followed by 24ct Gold leaf! Watch this space