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Punch detail organic form. H15cm x W13cm x D10cm.

Copper and Vitreous enamel with waxed string. 10cm x15.5cm

Teal and Red flux enamel,Copper vessel with bronze patina and Waxed string. 11cm x 17cm

Copper form with black and red flux vitreous enamel. finished with bronze patina and waxed string. 10cm x 16cm x 14cm

Formed Copper with bronze patina, blue and black vitreous enamel and waxed string. 14cm x 16.5cm x 14cm

Copper with rivits and waxed string. Vitreous enamel in blue and purple. 11.5cm x 12cm x 11.5cm

Free flowing form in Navy ,green, red and orange enamels.

H 10cm x W19.5cm x D13cm

Shallow blue& yellow bowl. Size H 90mm x W160mm

Shallow bowl. Size H 90mm x W160mm

Riveted Vessel

Small steps.

Stitch Vessel. Size. H 115mm x W 150mm

Sculptural vessel Size H100mm x W115mm

Lip Vessel. H10cm x W19cm. Blue and green enamel with millifiore.

Three vain copper vessel with delicate planishing and bronze patina. Intricate enamel detail in Flux and navy blue.

Teal and Flux sculptures elevated on Oak plinths.

Open vessel with firescale. Elevated on a blacked oak base. presentation box . Size 130mm by 135mm


Decorative plate on stand, Purple and yellow. size 165mm tall x 145mm wide x 75mm deep. Echo Beach Gallery Ilfracombe.

Navy and yellow vitre enamel decoratve plate on copper stand. Size 110mm tall x 100mm wide x 70mm deep.

Decorative vitreous enamel plate on copper stand. size 110mm tall x 100mm wide x 70mm deep.

Decorative plate in vitreous enamel. 155mm tall x 130mm wide x 70mm deep. can be bought directly from Echo beach gallery, Illfracombe.

Small scale vessels

Now on etsy. Size H60mm x W85mm x D50mm


Stitched vessel with vitreous enamel and bronze patina.
Size Height 130mm x 150mm width
Formed and veined vessel in black and white with silver strands. bronze patina on outer side. As part of the collection in collaboration with Martin Diment. Size without base 140mm by 45mm. SOLD

With the exception of work photo’d without stands, all work comes with their bases. Height of work is approximate as some bases are slightly different.

Most work comes in a presentation box, please enquire.